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What is the UK Green Deal Scheme?

Green deal news: The Green Deal Scheme has now launched!

The Green Deal scheme is a UK Government backed scheme aimed at allowing households, businesses, landlords and tenants to access finance of approx. £10,000, to upgrade their properties with energy saving improvements at little or NO UPFRONT COST.  Energy saving improvements such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation, new condensing boilers, new glazing, solar panels, draught proofing, floor insulation amongst many others. The Green Deal scheme is NOT means tested. For more Green Deal news please see below.

Paying back the Green Deal Finance will be made, via your electricity bill, by the saving you have made by lowering energy bills by having improvements made to your property.  You should never have to pay back more than what it has cost to install the improvements - this is known as The Golden Rule.  Green Deal Fianance is NOT a charge on your property and not a charge on you.  The Green Deal Finance stays as a charge on your electricity bill. For more Green Deal news please see info below:

How Do I apply for the Green Deal Scheme?

Step 1:

Step 1 is to request a Green Deal Assessment* of your property to see what energy efficient improvements it may gain from. A Green Deal Advisor / Green Deal Assessor is said to perform an assessment of your property at not upfront cost (please always check if there will be a charge), give you impartial Green Deal Advice and produce your taylor-made Green Deal Plan, which will show potential savings per improvement made (always check with every company of there will be any up-front costs)Please CLICK HERE to find a Green Deal Advisor company for your Green Deal Assessment*

Step 2:

Step 2: After you have had your Green Deal Assessment and your Green Deal Report has been produced you can go to a Green Deal Provider for your Green Deal Finance. You can choose your own Green Deal Provider - shop around for the best interest rates, the best incentives and the best deal. Your Green Deal Provider will explain all about the finance and how it will be repaid via your electricity bill

Please CLICK HERE to find Green Deal Providers

Step 3:

Step 3: After your Green Deal Finance has been put in place you can select your own Green Deal Installers - again, shop around for the best deals and incentives - different Green Deal Installers may offer you more.  You can also stick with the Green Deal Provider's recommended Green Deal Installers if you prefer. Your Green Deal Provider is responsible for paying your Green Deal Installer directly for all your improvements

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Do you want to become a Green Deal Advisor or Green Deal Installer? Please CLICK HERE for Green Deal Training information

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    • Take your time in making a decision - If you are promised a 'special discount' or 'time limited' offer don't be tempted to sign up straightaway. Shop around with different businesses to make sure you get a good deal. Remember: you can ask a salesperson to leave your home at any time.
    • Double check the facts - Check the product is suitable for your home, whether you are eligible for any grants towards the cost of installation, and the basis of any claims about potential energy savings or benefits. Only agree to go ahead if you're entirely satisfied.
    • Know what you are signing - Check whether you are signing a contract or just agreeing to a survey or a quote. Give yourself enough time to read all the paperwork, and ask questions if you are unclear about anything. Don't sign if you are unsure about doing so.
    • Know your cancellation rights - Where you buy on your doorstep or in your home and you spend more than £35, you usually have seven calendar days to change your mind and cancel, and can get back any money you have already paid, including a deposit - the 'cooling off' period. The cooling off period starts on the day you are given your written cancellation notice by the salesperson. Think carefully before you agree to any work starting during the cooling off period - you can still cancel but may have to pay a reasonable amount.
    • Know your rights if things go wrong - Make sure you know what you can do if things go wrong. Contact Citizens Advice for information and advice on your legal rights.